Don’t just eyeball your paint lines for just subpar results. Get the Bull Painter’s Tool and get perfect results everytime.

Easily mark perfect lines on bullnose wall corners!

The Bull Tool is a must-have tool for every paint job. Available Soon


⸻ The Bull Tool ⸻

The Bull Tool is utilized for painting a perfectly straight clean line on a bullnose corner and painting a perfectly curved line where the bullnose corner meets the baseboards.

Here is an example of how the Bull Tool can help you paint bullnose corners

There are two parts:


The Bull Tool

The Problem: just eyeballing your paint lines causes the transition lines to be uneven and choppy.

The Solution: the Bull Tool creates a perfect straight clean transition line on a bullnose corner everytime.  It compliments your painting process seamlessly when paired with the Pre-Cut Painter’s Tape.


Pre-Cut Painter's Tape

The Problem: using multiple layers of tape to cover your baseboard edges is time consuming, bulky and causes the paint to bleed.

The Solution: the Pre-Cut Painter's Tape creates perfect clean baseboard edges on bullnose corners.  It compliments your painting process seamlessly when paired with The Bull Tool.


It’s made for the Do-It-Yourself amateur AND the Professional painter.


It easily creates a perfect straight clean line and a perfect curved line at the baseboards EVERY TIME!

It’s compact, lightweight and fits in your pocket!

It's easy to use.

Also, for the do-it-yourselfer, it'll save you a lot of frustration & a few less arguments with your spouse.


⸻ Instructions for The Bull Painter’s Tool ⸻

Step 1

Place Painter’s Tool against bullnose corner and wall. Mark your desired paint transition location on the corner every couple feet up and down the entire corner.

Step 2

Apply painter’s tape along the marks from the top down to the bottom on the corner.

Step 3

Paint your desired color and remove the tape.

⸻ Instructions for The Bull Pre-Cut Painter’s Tape ⸻

Step 1

Peel and apply the Pre-Cut Painter’s Tape to the corner of the bullnose corner where the wall meets the baseboard.

Step 2

Finish applying painter’s tape along the baseboards.

Step 3

Paint and remove the tape.

Revolutionizing Your
Painting Process

The Bull Tool is a simple addition to your kit to achieve straight lines while painting edges and perfect curved lines when painting baseboards.

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⸻ National Hardware Show in Las Vegas (2018) ⸻


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