The Bull Tool

This is a small plastic tool for the purpose of painting a straight, clean line when painting two different colors that meet on a bullnose corner.

Very easy to use

Straight lines every time

Compact & lightweight

Saves time & money

Straight Linesin 3 Easy Steps!

Get a straight, clean line every time and save TIME, MATERIALS and MONEY!

Revolutionizing Your Painting Process

Looking for the best tool to paint edges? You don't need a mess of tools like an edge paint brush and specialty rollers. The Bull Tool is a simple addition to your kit to achieve straight lines while painting edges. This tool, paired with our Pre-Cut Painter's Tape, creates consistent sharp lines when painting bull nose corners.

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Pre-Cut Painter's Tape

Using multiple layers of tape to cover your edges is bulky and causes paint to bleed. The Bull Tool's Pre-Cut Painter's Tape is the perfect solution to maintain clean edges on bull nose corners. Compliments your painting process seamlessly when paired with The Bull Tool.

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